Open Pseudonymiser - Documentation

The latest version is v.2.0.2

Desktop Application (The "Batch Processor") User Guide

 Download OpenPseudonymiser Desktop User Guide v.2.0.2c

Instructional Videos

 Batch Processor software walkthrough (external site opens in new window)

 KeyServers and the OpenP Website (external site opens in new window)

Resources for software developers

DLL Documentation

 Download OpenPseudonymiser.CryptoLib DLL Integration Guide v.2.0.2b

KeyServer Specification

 Download OpenPseudonymiser KeyServer Specification v2.0.2b.doc

SQL Server CLR Documentation

 Download OpenPseudonymiser CLR Guide v2.0.2b

Java Documentation

 Download OpenPseudonymiser.CryptoLib JAR Integration Guide v.2.0.2b

Overview Diagram

 Overview Diagram for the OpenPseudonymisation process